21 seconds or LESS!

When Orangeboy scrambles into the car at the end of the school day, he immediately launches into a recitation of his homework assignments. He doesn't do this because I require it, ask for it, or have ever asked for it. He just feels compelled.
Today he said that for one of his reading assignments he was to read a poem in 21 seconds or less, and, as an aside comment, he speculated that he would need a stopwatch to do that accurately.
Not understanding the logic behind such an assignment, I sought clarity by asking,
"You have to read a poem in less than 21 seconds?!"

"No, in 21 seconds or LESS." he replies.

"That's what I said, less than twe-- Oh - okay, so you have to read a poem in 21 seconds - or LESS. Do you know why?"

Orangeboy replies, "Well... I assumed that."

Realizing that my son and I, once again, are not on the same wavelength, I attempt,
"ASSUMED what?" Knowing that such a question was bound to garner a long, detailed response that may still not get me where I wanted to go.

"Well... what she said...when I came back from Challenge class... because I missed the assignment when she said it to the class... my regular class... was that I was supposed to read the poem in 21 seconds. But I ASSUMED that she meant 21 seconds or LESS, because..."

"OK! I think I get the part about it being 21 seconds or LESS. What I don't understand is why she is asking you to TIME yourself while reading a poem."

"Well....that's just what she said. I don't know why."

"She didn't say or do anything to clue you in as to why she wants you to be able to read this poem in 21 seconds - or LESS?"

"Well.... What do you mean?"

"You know what? That's fine. Just run with it. Wait, I don't really mean run with it. I just mean go with the assignment as you heard it. - Or don't GO with the assignment, just ..."
"I'll find a stopwatch."

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  1. Anonymous4/9/08

    Oh you must find out why or at least find out the real assignment and let us know. Pleasse, please.


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