You might be an Aspie if...


You just need to go here and read these if you know any Aspies or even any nerds. So many of the age and sex appropriate"You might be an Aspie If "s apply to my son that it's not even f.... -well, yeah, actually it is VERY funny.

Although, I don't think some of these are really Asperger things because several seem to apply to me... unless...

A few from the site that I can relate to:
You might be an Aspie if...
You're friends with the church secretary, but can't recognize her when you run into her in the store.
YMBAAI- you write down things on a forum and mean them totally honest and serious, and the recipient cracks up laughing badly and telling you you are funny....
YMBAAI - you manage to save the life of a neighbor kid because you remember what you read about toxins some 10 years ago, but you can't remember the name of the kid.
YMBAAI -...if you do your walks and excercises at night because it is quiet then and hardly anyone else around.

OK, now I'm thinking I'm probably just anti-social.

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