The best chicken of all!

The other night my son (aka Orange Boy) tells me that he thinks "McDonald's has the best chicken of ANY restaurant!"
My response was, "Well, you are entitled to your opinion."

I just couldn't agree with him, but I didn't want to discourage his opinion-sharing too much.
It wasn't that long ago that he did not express his opinion. He seemed not to know that he had the option of having an opinion of his own. There was a time when offered a choice between two juices, he was stumped. "Apple or orange juice?" could shut him down.
If asked what he wanted to eat, he would either stand there with his face screwed up and his eyes downcast or (on a good day) he would ask what his brother was having and choose that.
He finally started picking out his own clothes, but was locked into jeans, an orange shirt, and white socks for a long time. He could not decide, even if advised that it was cold or very hot, whether he should wear long or short sleeves. If there was no orange shirt to wear, he would stand in his closet shuffling around in the other perfectly good choices until someone noticed he was still not present for breakfast and went to help him out.
When asked his favorite subject in school, he did not know. I pointed out to him that he SEEMED to like Math. He was always playing with calculators and would sit in his room and write down long columns of numbers and add them together. He always made a 100 on every math paper. So from then on he knew his favorite subject was Math.
I waited, and prodded, and sighed a long, long time to find out what this boy REALLY thinks of his world. So if he thinks McDonalds has the best chicken - he is certainly entitled to HIS opinion!

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